Harting Farm Swim Team Volunteers

Volunteers are essential for swim team and the swim meets and team functions cannot happen without volunteers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

2016 Volunteer SignUps

Event Date Location Volunteer
*To volunteer at a meet click Signup! next to the location of the meet.*
Non meet swim jobs N/A SignUp!
Sat. 06/18/2016 Hunt Meadow @ HF SignUp!
Sat. 06/25/2016 HF @ Walden SignUp!
Sat. 07/09/2016 HF @ Severn River SC SignUp!
Sat. 07/16/2016 Truxton Park @ HF SignUp!
Sat. 07/23/2016 Ben Oaks @ HF SignUp!

Volunteering requirement for the 2016 swim season:

12 POINTS if your family has more than one swimmer and 10 POINTS if your family has only one swimmer (1 point = roughly 1 hour)

  1. ALL volunteer commitments for the season must be made online before June 11, 2016 in order for swimmers to participate in the first meet.
  2. Once commitments are made it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement and notify volunteer coordinator of change if you are unable keep/fulfill your job.
  3. You must check in at the start of the meet and fully complete the job to receive volunteer credits.
  4. If volunteer commitments are not fulfilled, then your swimmer WILL NOT be able to participate in meets or team functions.
  5. Families will be able to donate specific items for the concession stand to fulfill two volunteer points. There will be a sign up and drop off date. Please note that items need to be dropped off on June 3 at the Harting Farm Clubhouse during practice times.
  6. **Swimmers WILL NOT be able to participate in meets or team functions** until arrangements are made to fulfill obligation through the volunteer coordinator.

For those interested in stroke and turn or starter positions, you will need to attend one training class (per year volunteering). The date and time of the training class will be posted once coordinated.

If you have a question about being a volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.