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  • Nolan Redd, hartingfarmarchitectural@gmail.com
  • The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to ensure that all community members abide by the Harting Farm HOA Covenants regarding changes made to properties. By doing so, we are always sure that our properties will be kept within the guidelines agreed to at settlement by all homeowners. Please use the "Harting Farm Homeowners Association Architectural Control Committee Request Form" when submitting a request and be sure to include plans for the change with the request form. A two week turn around time is required from the time the request is submitted until a homeowner receives approval. Should the HF Board of Directors need to make the approval, a longer turn around time may be required.

    Please see the architectural change request form for more information.

    Pool Committee

  • Heather Adamson, hadamson@gofirsthome.com
  • Carmen Gatton, snappycc@comcast.net
  • Bill Hall, b.hall@verizon.net
  • If you have general pool questions, please email hartingfarmpool@gmail.com.

    Harting Farm residents must complete the Harting Farm Pool Application in order to receive pool passes for the season. Once the resident's HOA dues are paid, pool passes will be generated. Residents can return the Harting Farm Resident Pool Application to Rob Tedford (Harting Farm Treasurer) along with HOA dues or to a member of the Pool Committee.

    Pool membership is available to non-residents (external pool membership). For more information click here.

    Welcoming Committee

  • Kellie Dohony, kdohony@yahoo.com

  • For web site suggestions or comments, please email: hf.webtech@gmail.com