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    To request the use of the clubhouse please email hf.clubhouse@gmail.com.

    To request the use of the pool for a party with or without the use of the Clubhouse, please see additional details on the Pool page.

    If you are interested in renting the Harting Farm clubhouse, contact a Clubhouse coordinator by emailing hf.clubhouse@gmail.com to see if the date requested is available. The rental contract (link attached by clicking Yes) will then need to be completed and delivered to a Clubhouse coordinator. Fees to rent the clubhouse are listed below.

    Harting Farm Clubhouse Rental Fees
    Type Rental Fee Security Deposit Contract & Sponsor Required
    Community/Pool Member $75 $100* Yes
    Non-member $200 $100* Yes

    *All security deposits are subject to additional charges.

    Amenities the clubhouse offers

  • Kitchen area, coffee maker, stove, refrigerator, tables, chairs, water fountain, vacuum, radio.
  • There are approximately 46 non-folding chairs, 38 metal folding chairs, 13 rectangular tables, 1 large wooden table.
  • Alcohol is permitted at the tenant's discretion (absolutely no underage drinking!)
  • DJ's or music is allowed however tenants must follow the AA County noise ordinance (this is also in the contract). Be mindful that there are residences located in very close proximity to the clubhouse so noise level must be kept at a minimum.
  • There is a small parking lot located directly outside of the clubhouse and parking along the curb is also permitted. Do not block anyone's driveway.
  • The maximum occupancy in the clubhouse is 128 standing; 65 sitting.
  • Our Clubhouse

    Facility Photo Clubhouse ~ Main 1

    Clubhouse ~ Main 2

    Clubhouse ~ Kitchen

    Our Pool

    Pool Photo